The DNA revolution: Crystallography and four-stranded DNA

[Dr. Sarah P. Gurung is a recent PhD graduate from University of Reading who lives in Reading (UK). Sarah originally comes from Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal and moved to the UK when she was 15 years old.  Her PhD research includes the DNA revolution which is vital towards modern medical treatments. She shares her experience and the main idea of the study with]

The study and use of DNA has been even more interesting and vital for human treatments and other purposes today. The impossible of yesterday has become possible today. In 1953, Watson and Crick introduced us to their Nobel Prize winning model of... Read More


Tireed is what i feel right now
"Its so graceful:"
"Its so beautiful:"
"Its so amazing:"
People would say
At this sight.
This sight that i am beholding.
This beautiful sight.
They are right on their terms.
It is beautiful.
This sunset.
This golden radiance it spread.
Everything became beautiful.
The leaves were gold.
The path was gold.
The clouds looked like fire.
The birds were happy
Returning home
The animals were happy
From the day's food
And for the night's rest
All were enjoyingRead More

MP Appreciates Nepalese Students in Reading

Matt Rodda, MP of Reading East, has appreciated the achievements of Nepalese students in their GCSE this year.  MP Rodda was speaking as chief guest at a programme organised by Nepalese Highly Skilled Migrant Forum Reading to honour the Nepalese community students completing their GCSE this year at the Warehouse, Cumberland Road in Reading on Sunday.

Nepalese students performed well in their GCSE this year from different schools of   Reading including Bulmershe, Reading Girls, Forest, Prospect and others.  A sample of Bulmershe school in Reading showed Nepalese students were nearly 10 % ahead of the average national... Read More

Beauty and lifestyle: A creation of my Study

Reading, UK
8 July  2017

I do not see myself as just a makeup artist, but an artist in general. I am currently studying graphics design at university and I started my youtube channel as part of a project for my course. The project was about the beauty of colours featured on different skin tones which aren't always shown in the beauty industry. 

The course I do lets me express my views in artistic ways & this freedom gives me the opportunity to raise awareness in what I find is important for my generation. This is why majority of my projects are shown through makeup and photography. I had a real interest in makeup... Read More

My Pride My Motherland

At the twinkle of the Mt Everest
Shining ever, in peace and prosperity quest,
Proud to own You, my motherland Nepal
The land of treasure, once ruled by the Gopal

Lately freed of monarchy at people’s cost
Wept,but patient, at thousands lost
Generations sovereign, invincible my motherland
With gleaming swords at Bir Balbhadra’s hand

Swayambhu and Pashupati stand in symphony
Himal, Padad, Terai all embrace in harmony,
Your brave lovers today living global
Yet vibrantly with You, fostering overall ... Read More

On International girls’ day: are our societies creating shame culture through views of menstruation as being ‘impure’?

In so many ways,shame has almost been inbuilt upon us. Especially for girls and women of a certain ethnicity or religion. Today, I want to write about the shame associated with menstruation. I gather courage to write about this very sad way we think/act/accept what menstruation means and therefore, what the girls and women represent. I write this because unless you question the reasoning, unless you speak aloud it will always be the way it was. Over reading some materials, I made a surprising discovery that not just Hinduism but most other religions, apart from Sikhism that have negative/impure connotation associated with... Read More

What I learnt: Tying up my experience from Honduras to everything


I have been contemplating for past week now as to how to close my entry of Honduras. I wanted to write a reflection summary, to capture what it was I learnt. But inevitably, my perspective will be influenced the past experience and knowledge about Asia, specifically Nepal and the UK. I am not sure how it will turn out, but here goes.

Sometimes, the writing (especially unstructured writer like me) doesn't do it justice to reflect the learning and the feelings truly experienced. First of, the reasoning of my attached sentiment with Honduras was due my adaptability there, which I did not find too... Read More

‘Nepali’ for Young Generation – How Relevant?


It has not been a surprise that among many recreational and knowledgeable endeavours within Nepali Diaspora across UK, teaching children ‘Nepali’ has increased. I coordinate and teach ‘Nepali’ to Nepali children in Reading on behalf of a social organisation and it’s my personal opinion that I share. Some guardians yet react: ’this hampers and messes up the children’s regular school studies’. I only agree, this happens if wrongly managed.

Even though English is main language in the UK and a full potential of a child may be obtained without other language being taught/learnt, I strongly... Read More

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